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Power Plant Smoke offers a wide variety of dried whole flower cannabis. Come in to find the strain you’re looking for or ask one of our cannabis experts for help finding the indica, sativa, or hybrid bud that’s right for you.
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If you don’t like smoking or vaping then edibles may be the right alternative for you. Cannabis-infused food and beverage products, absorbed through the digestive tract, provide a smoke-free option.
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Our pre-rolled cannabis is perfect for those times when you’re ready to enjoy without all the hassle. Find a great selection of pre-rolled cannabis in-store, or shop our accessories to find other ways to enjoy your cannabis experience.
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If you are ready for some real potent medication and deep relaxation then extracts might be the very thing your looking for. Our extracts have THC counts that are far higher then dried flower.
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Getting the best experience means finding the right accessories for you, from vapes and bongs to pipes and papers. Tell us what kind of results you’d like to achieve and let our service team find the cannabis accessories in Toronto.
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For those looking for a truly zen experience, oils are a great option. Cannabis oils also allow you to take a more precise dose, and their long-lasting effects mean you can enjoy your experience for that much longer.
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